The overall objective of this intervention is to reduce and prevent the spread of STIs/HIV-AIDS among the school youths who are the primary target group and indirectly the larger population of Danyi District, Togo. Hence, the project hope to meet the 3rd Sustainable Development Goals which is to ensure all citizens living healthy lives and promote healthy well-being for all at all ages. Furthermore, the impacts will reduce youth related STIS/HIV AIDS by a good margin by the end and after the implementation. We will ensure that the school youth and young people put emphasis on the use of precautions leading to less unwanted pregnancies among young girls.

Since this intervention will qualify to be one of the first international development funding in this district through trainings, engagement, debate, talks, seminars and workshops, we hope to give voice and right to school youth and young people in general using the project objectives as a platform to raise awareness among themselves and understand the reason why it is important that young people in schools, along with their teachers and the whole school system, get involved in planning and monitoring the prevention and spread of STIs / HIV AIDS in their district and beyond.

This project will favour citizen participation across the different target groups, through volunteering and / or having the possibility of organizing the manpower to enhance the cohesiveness of their civil society in Togo as well as in Denmark. Through the collaboration of thoughts and hearts, we hope to bring cooperation, support and learning to one another in building bridges of diversity, understanding and success.