We want to give our children and youth a better start in life

Sport Activities:

We have both indoors and outdoors physical activities for children of all ages throughout the year. The seasonal sport activities include Football, Gymnastic, etc.etc.etc.

Social Activities:

We provide occasional social events to equip them in social skills that are essential to their personal growth and development.

Cultural Activities:

We assist them to engage in as many cultural experiences by joining relevant events. Similarly, we also organize cultural activities within our capacity to enhance their cultural enjoyment and mutual understanding.


Youth for Development Denmark is a non profit organization based Denmark. We have started a journey in paving the way for every youth and children to give them the life they deserve.And this is just a beginning and we have a lot left to do and in a way our work is far from been over.

Youth For Development Denmark
Rymarksvej 89, 3 th 2900
Hellerup Denmark

+45 28772497

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