The Gambian government has implemented 6 years of free primary school education, that is from Grade 1 to 6. This has massively impacted and increased the primary enrollment rate for the nation. Nevertheless, despite this huge achievement, there are still a minority of school children who are struggling with having the basic school attires or materials like school uniform, shoes, bag, textbooks and so forth.

We help to provide these children with the basic schooling essentials so that they may enjoy school more meaningfully yet, allowing their parents to focus on the family’s daily needs with the very little income they have.



In Gambia, some women are known to have started up their own mini businesses or trade at the local markets or in the streets. These include involvement in small farming scale and the selling of produces and poultry by opening up retail stores; and the selling of homemade foodstuffs at public places, etc. Through these means, families are also able to send their children to school, provide food on the table and basic shelter.

In the light of this possibility for change, we want to offer financial aid and training to different families, in particular, the mothers who are struggling to take care of their families by granting them the prospect of starting up their small businesses locally. .

Make arrangement for some basic medical help to be available for the poor families.

Population: 1 800 000

Capital city: Banjul

GDP per capita : US$ 488

HDI ranking 175 out of 187

Life expectancy 58 years


Youth for Development Denmark is a non profit organization based Denmark. We have started a journey in paving the way for every youth and children to give them the life they deserve.And this is just a beginning and we have a lot left to do and in a way our work is far from been over.

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