We focus on helping the young Ghanaian who lack the opportunity to further their education by enrolling them in some of the country’s many vocational institutes. By offering them counselling and financial aid at the same time or by the end of their training, they can have more the chance of scope to be independent and self sufficient in starting up their own workshops or businesses.

In Ghana, West Africa, it is a common place to often see a good number of school-age children who are either not in school or absent from school due to extreme poverty. Without choice, most children have to help their parents in the farm and/or market in order to scrap or provide enough for the family’s daily basic needs. The average middle class family in Ghana has an annual income of $3,000 and it explains the difficulty of parents to send all their children to school with the needed minimal of the basic school equipment such as school uniform, bag textbooks, writing material, etc.
As being our goal, we hope to reach more of these poor children by offering them sponsorship through providing educational materials to enhancing learning opportunity in a school environment. We believe that each child has the right to go to school and get an education. Likewise, it is our job to help them achieve such privilege while not having to worry about choosing going to school over putting food on the table. This will also help to relief the parents from the anxiety of having enough means to sustain themselves.

Population :25 000 000

Capital city: Accra

GDP per capita : US$1 533

HDI ranking 135 out of 187

Life expectancy: 64 years


Youth for Development Denmark is a non profit organization based Denmark. We have started a journey in paving the way for every youth and children to give them the life they deserve.And this is just a beginning and we have a lot left to do and in a way our work is far from been over.

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