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The purpose of public awareness is to strengthen members’ ability and desire to take responsibility for their own lives.

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Come with us. You can make a change now.Become a Volunteer and and participate actively and engage in social life.


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Phone:+45 52775662

Louisa Lam

Secretary / International Coordinator

Phone +45 28772497

Gamado Wolagbe

Daily Leader

Phone +45 ——-

Leizel Hutalla


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Phone +45 ——-

Paul Rye Kledal


In Africa, we working with :

  • We also work with young people and children on topics like
  • Give HIV / AIDS support
  • Provide cultural awareness and cultural exchange
  • Develop an organizational and capacity development Give sponsorship
  • Provide educational improvements
  • Granting of Youth and Volunteering



In Danmark, we working with young people and children in:

  • Granting of Youth and Volunteering
  • Provide youth education and training
  • Offer cultural exchange through an exchange system
  • Give empowerment to young immigrants
  • Promote youth awareness for an effective lifestyle




Youth for Development Denmark is a non profit organization based Denmark. We have started a journey in paving the way for every youth and children to give them the life they deserve.And this is just a beginning and we have a lot left to do and in a way our work is far from been over.

Youth For Development Denmark
Rymarksvej 89, 3 th 2900
Hellerup Denmark

+45 28772497

CVR: 37319783