Our Story

Youth for Development Denmark is a non-profit organization based in Denmark.

We started this journey desiring to lead a hand in providing some physical and financial assistance to children and youth. In partnership with others, we work on project based opportunities.

We address broad issues related to health, education, economic or social welfare in order to offer them a better start in life. This endeavour is just a beginning and our joint effort whether local or foreign is both challenging and exciting in seeing greater potential and fruitfulness.

We will continue our steadfast support of local organizations and partners to create positive change in their communities.

We have focused mainly on marginalized communities among the young people

For most cases, we have focused mainly on marginalized communities among the young people by extending new opportunities to ensure their voices are better heard. Commonly the areas of concerns are related to education and training, empowerment of youth and health care for the young children in some nations of Africa.

We also will not shy away from renewing our conviction to help fight poverty and promote equality and basic human rights to clean water as well as the bare necessities of life.

We aim to continuously engage with key youth organizations to strengthen our effort; lobby for good governance across governmental bodies in order to ensure good policies and adequate funding are in place.

In Denmark, we have the privilege to work together with our pool and network of volunteers, we are able to support certain families economically by creating some safe frameworks for the provision of social care in recreational and sporting activities.

In Africa, so far we have done projects mainly focusing on issues in relation to HIV / AIDS, Education, Health and Poverty.

Lastly, Youth for Development Denmark (YFDD) is working actively towards achieving The UN Sustainable Development Goals together with our partners in Denmark as well as in other parts of the globe as opportunity permits us to taking up more challenges in the future.