The objectives of this intervention are to support, equip and empower displaced people and their host families in the Sahel and Centre Nord Regions to be able to produce their own food for the coming months. This contributes to 2 of the 3 strategic priorities and the immediate objectives of the GHRDP:

 1. Decrease the deterioration of human assets and rights, social cohesion, and livelihoods and as 80 % of people in these regions of Burkina Faso rely on agricultureactivities as their main source of food and income. Providing livelihood assistance is crucial to allow them to produce their own food and that is the reason we are proposing chicks and seeds and some training so they can produce their own food.

 2. Protect, assist and advocate for refugees, internally displaced people, migrants, and host communities particularly vulnerable to the pandemic. This area has faced the most long-standing destabilization and threats linked to armed groups compared to other areas of the country and remains the epicentre of abuse and insecurity. The people of the Sahel and Centre-North Regions are traumatized by brutal attacks and looming insecurity and now by the COVID 19.

We chose to provide seeds, basic gardening equipment and schools kits because many other NGOs are proposing and providing stuff like The installation of handwashing facilities in vulnerable places like refugee camps; and the distribution of gloves, surgical masks, food, mobile money, soaps, water, gloves, goggles, and testing kits and many more things.