Menstrual Health Management for schoolgirls in Gambia is a real every day for many girls. Menstrual taboos have existed, and still exist strongly in the Gambian culture. Throughout history, misconceptions about menstruation have led to girls’ exclusion from all kinds of roles and settings.  Menstrual stigma is potent and impactful, even if its intensity varies place to place.” The taboo of menstruation helps inflict shame and low self-worth upon many of women and girls. The girls are excluded from social and religious activities because they are referred to as unclean. Through this intervention, we want to bring these girls in 10 public junior schools in the Gambia to understand and to be aware of the menstrual health, which we believe through our baseline studies, being big problem in the Gambia especially among the young schoolgirls.  We want to raise awareness on girl’s menstrual health, enabling them to understand the benefits of healthy lifestyles and the implications of bad health choices. And through Sensitization, Training workshops, Drama drama’s, skits, and Seminar, they will gain knowledge and awareness on menstrual period management. They will also become health activist and been able to reach out to many of their peers in different schools and family settings in Gambia.  Furthermore, we will suggest the inclusion of the menstrual management in the school curriculum or in the girl’s health club.