This project aims to help women in six (6) selected communities in the Volta and Oti regions of Ghana receive their inheritance upon the death of their husbands.

The project will target existing widows, since they are the ones, most immediately facing these problems and are the most at risk of becoming destitute. We do however think, that if the widows are given the proper legal knowledge and social tools, they can form the basis of a support network, that will help other women in the future.

To make it easier for the widows to challenge the local traditions on inheritance, we will undertake a small number of supporting awareness-creating activities As the success of the project is anchored on the successful collaboration of the partners who are operational in the target districts. In addition, the local authorities and local partners will improve their communication and planning.

The intervention applied for will strengthen YFDD and VOM relationship and increase their mutual gains. YFDD and VOM have signed a partnership agreement about a year ago and since then both organisations have been exploring the possibilities for collaboration to start joint projects in targeting women children and young people. Both organizations agreed to maintain communication to formalize a long-term strategic partnership.