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Since the early 1980, AIDS has become one of the most deadly, contagious diseases the world has ever known. Mercilessly, AIDS has a destructive effect in all aspects of a human life that directly also impacted the country’s social and economic development. The epidemic has proved especially catastrophic to children. Statistically, in Africa alone, AIDS has claimed the lives of the parents of more than 12 million children and affecting their childhood greatly.

Fortunately, as of today, an AIDS diagnosis is no longer a death sentence, not even to be so for the poorest of people in the globe. Through the better means of communication and clearer medical information and advice, AIDS is now more contained and controlled. As for Africa, it has been so destructive and a huge social problem for some decades.


• Young people in Africa between the ages of 14 and 25 to have the opportunity to be advised on the modes of transmission and its implication on protection needed.
• People can go for a HIV test without being fearful and medication is available or for free..
• The availability of the voluntary HIV antibody testing will enhance data collecting on understanding HIV testing history, attitude towards testing and AIDS stigmas.
• The medication will keep the disease low and that parents can live with their children for longer
• The medication will help to weaken the AIDS virus and thus, reduce the danger of infecting others.

Population: 6 800 000

Capital city : Lome

GDP per capita : US$637

HDI ranking :185 out of 187

Life expectancy 56 years


• To break the silence and stigma of AIDS
• To help educate the uniformed
• To care for the already sick
• To encourage the Support groups
• Continue to help fight the battle against AIDS


Youth for Development Denmark is a non profit organization based Denmark. We have started a journey in paving the way for every youth and children to give them the life they deserve.And this is just a beginning and we have a lot left to do and in a way our work is far from been over.

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